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The Evolution of Influencer Marketing — Past, Present, & Future

By August 4, 2020No Comments

An Interesting article found this morning. A friend who was my old employer posted a frustrated and confused message about the new age influencer “Can someone please explain to me this phenomenon called ‘influencers’. Is there no more ability for people to make up their own mind based on a balanced analysis of the thing they want to be ‘ influenced ‘ by.”

I idolized Noel Gallagher, my dad idolised George Best, I have been influenced too by certain things because I saw someone one a screen advertise it. On big example growing up was the Adidas predator football boots, I wanted a pair of them so much growing up as a kid, seeing David Beckham wear them in slick tv ads hooked me!, I thought i needed these boots to play better! – The screens now are iPhones…. so my reply, “But Influential people have been used to sell products forever though, I think the issue you have is that the new “celebrity” isn’t necessarily someone with a “classic talent” like actor, singer, sports. Reality TV started it, but then Social media has created an equal playing field of eyes on screens. It’s just evolution, have to accept it and embrace it 🙂 – the talented stars are still respected more, everyone knows these social media influencers are bottom feeders.”

Anyway really interesting article below.